For my creations I use precious cultured pearls exclusively: Tahitian black pearls as well as white and gold from Australia.

Cultured pearls, which I purchase directly from pearl farms, are the oldest known gems and the only ones to be produced by living creatures.

I marry cultured pearls and treasures with incredibly soft and durable quality leather, totally reworked by hand in my workshop in order to achieve a unique and completely organic creation. Your jewelry will accompany you for many years.

I am a collector by nature, always curious, always searching and I like that the treasures I collect on my way carry with them the history of their experiences, their provenance. The treasure discovered inspires the jewel; each mounting is therefore unique.

Rough gemstones, emerald, ruby, topaz, etc., fossils, pirate booty coming from the bottom of the oceans, Himalayan turquoises, meteorites passed through the infinities of space, amulets, rare pearls or mother-of-pearl rolled by the sea, carry in them the authenticity of passing time and are only a small portion of the materials that I like.

All these treasures that I haven’t yet discovered and that for now continue to be weathered by the sands of time, are only patiently waiting for your encounter to continue their legend.