No two people love exactly the same thing.

I like working in a space where everyone can find the unique piece that matches their taste, their own jewel, their own treasure, and incorporate it in their own personal history.

I draw inspiration from various themes borrowed from nature, blending precious cultured pearls with authentic treasure that are both anchors from our past and real airstrips for the imagination.

I love stories. Meet them, read them, hear them. Feed from them to better tell them.

I draw inspiration from the oceans, the passing of time, gleaning bits of history, fragments of human poetry and pieces of stars fallen to Earth.

Perspective connections inspire me, when the spirit rises, separating from the body for a dazzling moment and then go back down, charged with humility.

I love the idea that my creations give to those who discover them an electrical tingling, same as a wide-eyed child realizing what he holds in the palm of his hands. Seeing the story moving behind things, in a flash feeling, the buried or inaccessible worlds, getting lost in the distance or becoming intoxicated with the intuition of past centuries.

My jewelry is an encounter between man and the elements, between his desire to get closer to what is the most beautiful and the simplest, organic, moving, sophisticated and simple creations, just like My St Barthelemy Island. Each cultured pearl brings its own character, its own experience: from its shape and beauty a unique jewel is brought to life.

My creations are made of sensations, memories and poetry. They are an invitation to travel; they reflect the exception of my island and of those who cross my path for a moment or for life. Wanting nothing less than the essence and taking it with you preciously, as a treasure.