Born in Paris, I have always felt the need to blend my professional life with an artistic life; theater student, calligraphy lover, curious traveler, I left the Place Vendome and discovered the island of St Barthelemy by chance in 2002.

A small island lost in the Caribbean.

I had a strong desire to get closer to the elements, to live a simpler life where time passes slowly, punctuated by waves and palm trees dancing in the wind, a place where the sun is a daily companion.

Necessity guides our steps and chance, if given attention, shapes our destiny. I was supposed to spend a few months there and then go back home. Here I am, ten years later, rather surprised myself, working with the jewelry stores and shops of the island, with a sun-tanned skin and my feet always full of sand.

The island, of course, is ourselves and to live there also means to get closer to yourself.

From all my travels, I always brought back little treasures gleaned here and there, pieces of things, old fabrics, historical artifacts, amulets, talismans, each object telling its own story.

I was looking for a place where I could gently create what I perceived, hidden behind my own inclination to always tell stories, to always collect treasures and rare pearls.

I discovered an island where time flows more strangely than anywhere else, an island where every day is the new beginning of an endless summer. I finally discovered there, what was missing to bind all my passions together, a simple leather strand that, under the gentle trade winds, blends my past with a ever-stretching present.

On the heights of Gustavia, everyday I marry pearls and treasures, in front of the Caribbean Sea, where I installed my workshop.